Almost Perfect

At the risk of pandering too much to the home crowd, watching the Washington Nationals over the last couple of seasons has been a tremendous privilege.  Frankly, we’re lucky to live and work in the same neighborhood as an organization as awesome as the Nationals.  Most nights behind the bar, especially ones after home Nationals games, I’ll rock a Nats cap to show support for the home team.  But I digress.

I was actually lucky enough to be in the stadium last year when Jordan Zimmerman through that no-hitter against the Miami Marlins on the last game of the season last year, so when Max Scherzer threw another one earlier this year, I got excited.  Really excited.  Anyway, here’s a cocktail about that no hitter.  It’s got a good amount of chocolate flavor balanced out with some Campari-fueled bitterness.  I would be bitter too, if It was one pitch away from a perfect game.  Oh, and it’s boozy too.  The proportions are based off that of a perfect Manhattan, which is a little on the nose, but I guess doing things subtly isn’t really our strong suit over here.  Enjoy!

1.)  Almost Perfect
2.0 oz Maker’s Mark
0.5 oz Campari
0.5 oz Creme de Cacao

Fill a coupe with ice and water, then set aside.  Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with house ice and stir for ~20 seconds.  Dump ice/water out of the coupe and strain mixture into the coupe.  Garnish with an orange swathe.